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“Together We Can Make a Difference”…..This journey continues hand in hand, like a family working together, on a vision for our community that ALL of Strongsville can be proud of.

I was elected as your Ward Three Councilman in November 2012 and was then elected to Councilman-at-Large in 2018. It’s been an honor to serve and represent city council on the Finance Department, Economic Development, School Board, and Southwest Hospital. I also enjoy continuing my commitment to our city by being a member of the Strongsville Rotary, Optimist Club, Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Life member of the Strongsville Historical Society and Westwood Farms HOA Board Member. It has been with great pride that I have been able to serve as your Councilman for the last 8 years.

We have accomplished many things these last 8 years…here are some of the accomplishments that are near to my heart.

Master Plan

Spearheaded a partnership with the Cuyahoga County Division of Planning for a city-wide Master Plan. This plan will be used as a point of reference to help make us make sound decisions in order to ensure our city is moving in the right direction.

Ward 3 Roads

Fought for many streets to be replaced, resurfaced, or patched in Ward 3. As residents, our streets are the first thing we see when we leave in the morning and the last thing we see before we pull into our homes. Although there is limited funding to address all of our needs, it is important that we are being cognizant that the worst streets are being addressed first.

New MIddle School

Spearheaded and assembled the plan for the building of the new Middle School and much needed renovations to the High School. Albion and Center Middle Schools were aging structures that were no longer acceptable for our students and staff. The ability to upgrade security and protection, the capability to implement the latest technology, and the structures overall energy efficiency needed to be addressed. This ultimately led to the creation of the 2012 Bond Issue.

Pearl Road Continunity

Created criteria and standards for Pearl Road to assure we don’t continue to over develop. Overseeing new projects to maintain continuity amongst other buildings.

Boston Interchange

CI will continue to fight for a resolution to a major traffic issue at State Route 82 and I-71. This has been a black eye on our community for the last forty years. I have worked alongside NOACA (Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency) and the State Highway Patrol for a “REALISTIC SOLUTION”. Thank you NOACA for looking into my initial suggestion for a partial ramp at Boston which I presented back in 2016. Currently, this is one of five interchanges being looked at in the area.
We owe it to our Howe Road residents and the rest of Strongsville, surrounding communities who travel that area for work, shopping or play. Our goal is to get people home safely in a timely fashion. Thank you again NOACA for investing funds and moving forward on this much needed study. I promise I will continue to work diligently until we make this 40 year project a reality.

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Strongsville Town Center

Spearheaded legislation for design professionals to prepare a plan for the “right” continued development of our Strongsville Town Center as was recommended by our Master Plan. We are trying to create a small-town atmosphere with amenities that attract and accommodate Seniors and younger families.

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One of my biggest challenges since I was elected is keeping water out of some of our resident’s homes. We have made progress by increasing the culverts on Prospect Road, Courtland and Priem Roads. Along with those culverts we increased the culvert in Meadowood at Pebble Brook Lane. Our service Department has spent countless hours removing debris from our creeks and making sure our sewers are not clogged to assure the water is flowing away from our homes. We have done a lot to mitigate the flooding issues in our ward, there is still plenty of work ahead of us. I promise I will not stop until all the water issues are resolved! I have been working with the residents, the mayor and engineers to move forward on increasing the sewer line on Prospect Road. This has been talked about for many years. NOW is time and we need to move this project to the forefront.

R U Okay Progam

After many years of procuring, I am so proud to roll out the “R U OK”
program in The City of Strongsville. Our seniors and their families, who decide to opt into this free program, will soon have the comfort of knowing their loved ones are being checked on daily. If assistance is needed, dispatchers, police officer’s, fire/ems, and family members will be notified. Thank you to David Simms who heads our Communication Department and to Chief Fender for all your help.

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