From the moment I first walked into a flooded resident’s home, I made the decision that addressing infrastructure issue would be a top-priority. Since becoming a councilman, some of my toughest times were walking into residents’ homes that have flooded. The loss of family memories and valuables leaves indescribable emotional toll. Since my very first experience with flooding, I have fought and worked hard on the following projects to assure our residents didn’t experience water in their homes again!

2011- Drake Road (east) Sanitary Project

2012- Pebblebrook Culvert (Meadowood)
Idlewood Culvert (Co-Moor)
Lunn Road Sanitary Sewer project
Sunset and Colebright Sewer rehab

2013- Marks Road Culvert
Citywide GIS System implementation
Sewer Sealing
Prospect Culvert #9
130th Sewer project

2014- Prospect Sanitary Sewer
Sewer Sealing

2015- Sewer Sealing
Priem Road Culvert
Pebblebrook Overflow culvert

2016- Sewer Sealing
Courtland Culvert
West 130th pump station

2017- Walnut Detention
Priem Road Sewer
Bowman Sewer
Fawn Sewer
Cherrystone Sewer

2018- Drake Road Sewer
Park Point Sewer

2019- Howe Road Sanitary Sewers
Falling Water Culvert
Sprague Road Widening
Greens emergency repair

2020- Willow Lane Sewer

2021- I will be working and fighting hard for the replacement of the storm sewer on Prospect Road North of Albion to the Berea City line in Ward Three. Currently the engineering is finished and we are waiting on answers from the gas company barring any other obstacles that may arises. The residents on North Prospect have dealt with a tremendous amount of water issues and I believe this area is next in line for a capital improvement project. The administration is currently trying to find grants to help supplement the cost of the project.
“Together We Can make a Difference”