The intersection of State Route 82 (Royalton Road) and I-71 is identified as one of the most congested areas in the Greater Cleveland Area. This area poses a major safety concern for our residents and visitors to our community. Safety and trouble-free access is essential to enhancing our city. Over the last 40 years, the addition of an interchange to 1-71 at Boston Road has been a topic of debate.

Where We Started
2016- The administration, in an effort to establish a suitable solution, introduced the “Slip Ramp” as a possible solution. This project would have been the construction of one exit ramp from I-71 southbound on to Shurmer Road. While examining this project I was exposed to many concerns:
Email 2/19/2021

Ultimately NOACA (Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency) determined this project was a “Highly Unfeasible Project” and at that point it was dead on the spot.

My Recommendations in 2016:
The age-old idea of a full cloverleaf intersection at Boston Road and I-71 is unfortunately a very unrealistic plan of that would ultimately cost tax payers’ tens of millions of dollars. While the city was exploring the Slip Ramp, I reached out to NOACA and shared my concerns about that project. As an alternative to both plans, my suggestion solution to our city engineers, council, administration and NOACA was the following:
The partial ramp on Boston would be constructed off of I-71 S/B at Boston Road and North Carpenter Road and the ramp would have three lanes. One right hand turn lane for traffic heading westbound onto Boston, one left turn lane for traffic heading east onto Boston and a third lane heading southbound onto North Carpenter Road. This would be an ideal location and a financially responsible decision for the state and city.
Please see all attached email correspondence with council and NOACA relating to this plan.

Where we are now
Since my request for analysis of a partial ramp at Boston Road, NOACA has studied the area and has given us many options with mine being one of them. The partial ramp was also featured as a viable option in our 2018 Master Plan.

Over the last few years, I have been very active with NOACA fighting for the residents of Strongsville to make the partial ramp a reality. I believe if we continue to work together, remain vocal, along with my commitment to continue to work with NOACA, that a partial ramp at Boston Road will be a reality for our community sooner than later. I have been very vocal at NOACA’s policy meetings. I have worked with NOACA adopting new policy on how they determine and appropriate funding for future projects. On many occasions, I have spoken on the major traffic congestion and safety concern we have in the area of I-71 and SR 82 and the only solution is a partial ramp on Boston Road. (Please see attached letters that I submitted to NOACA to help them set policy for future projects and the appropriation of funds). I have confidence with their new policy put in place, coupled with the fact that 71 and 82 have been identified as a safety hazard, per state highway patrol statistics, that a partial ramp at I-71 and Boston Rd. fit within the parameters of this new policy will help us achieve our goals of alleviating safety and traffic concerns. I would also like to highlight that improvements of North Carpenter Rd. from Boston Rd to SR 303 will have already been completed which will add to the feasibility of this project.

“Together We Can Make A Difference”